Self-publishing book genres

Lightning Press prints popular book genres including religious bible study books, novels, children’s books, and coffee table photography books. We make self-publishing and printing your particular book genre fast and easy.

Custom sizes for any type book genre at no extra charge.

Our dedicated customer service team is ready to help the first time author and self-publisher create the book of their dreams for any genre.

Try our fast and easy instant quote system and experience affordable high quality book printing.

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  • Architecture Book Publishing
  • Art Book Publishing
  • Biography Book Publishing
  • Business Book Publishing
  • Career Book Publishing
  • Children’s Book Publishing
  • Coffee-Table Book Publishing
  • Computer Book Publishing
  • Consumer Book Publishing
  • Cookbook Publishing
  • Directory Book Publishing
  • Educational Book Publishing
  • English/Spanish Book Publishing
  • Environmental Book Publishing
  • Fiction Book Publishing
  • Finance Book Publishing
  • Gardening Book Publishing
  • Health Care Book Publishing
  • Historical Book Publishing
  • Historical Fiction Book Publishing
  • History Book Publishing
  • How-To Book Publishing
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  • Nature Book Publishing
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  • Political Book Publishing
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  • Real Estate Book Publishing
  • Recovery Book Publishing
  • Recreation Book Publishing
  • Reference Book Publishing
  • Regional Book Publishing
  • Religious Book Publishing
  • Science Book Publishing
  • Science Fiction Book Publishing
  • Self-Help Book Publishing
  • Seniors Book Publishing
  • Sociology Book Publishing
  • Software Manual Publishing
  • Spiritual Book Publishing
  • Sports Book Publishing
  • Technical Book Publishing
  • Textbook Publishing
  • Trade Paperback Book Publishing
  • Training Manual Publishing
  • Travel Book Publishing
  • Women’s Issues Book Publishing
  • Writing Skills Book Publishing
  • Yearbook Publishing
  • Young Adult Book Publishing
  • …and much more!

Animal books


We share this world with some amazing and captivating creatures! The more we learn about animals, the more our connection grows with the living planet.

Animal books can be an incredible resource for information and inspiration. The digital print technology of Lightning Press means your photos or illustrations of animals will come to life on the page. The thick, soft fur of a wild cat, the feathered displays of birds or the sleek scales of a slippery fish come through in vibrant and lasting color.

Lightning Press shares your love of animals. We have printed encyclopedic books on animals as well as children’s books in both soft cover and hard cover editions. We have printed books on everything from family pets to farm animals and even rare, strange, beautiful animals of the wild.

To bring your research, your interest, or your love of animals to print, get a free quote from our estimating form.

Architecture books


Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about bricks, do they? The simple brick hasn’t changed very much over thousands of years. And yet, what we have done with it has shaped cultures, nations, ideas and lifestyles.

Physics and art combine in everyday life through the buildings that make up our modern environment. Architecture affects billions of people every day.

Do you have a book on architecture you’re ready to print? Do you need full-color printing for images? Do you need special layouts for design specifications? Do you need different fonts and text sizes for your book’s layout? Are you looking for a hard cover, soft cover, or wire binding?

Lightning Press is ready for you. We can help you add to the skyline of people’s bookshelves with your book on architecture.

Call Lightning Press today, or use our free estimating form to prepare a foundation for the printing of your architecture book.

Art books


The right art book can create wonder and initiate the most interesting of conversations. But to make sure you leave the right impression, some careful decisions are needed in the printing of art books. The team at Lightning Press has built a reputation of careful attention to detail and quality service from our work with fine art books.

The type of paper you choose can make images soft and drab or glossy and pop. Modern color matching technology and choices in paper stock allows us to make sure digital images keep their color and vibrancy when printed to the right paper choice.

Hard cover and soft cover binding options give you control over every aspect of the project. The impression you want to make will be present on every page of your book.

Lightning Press has made art books meeting and exceeding the demanding expectations of artists. We can print large books of over one thousand pages. As well, Lightning Press has printed short runs of books with a minimum of twenty-five copies. We will make sure you are satisfied with every page of the final proof and take as much care with your reputation as we do with our own.

Biography books


At the heart of every autobiography/biography there is something to inspire us. Biographies are stories about how someone took up the challenge of life, and a chance to learn something about ourselves.

Biography is a very popular form of writing. Biographies provide a first-hand glimpse into a person, a time in history, and the changes that one person can make in the world. A lot of research and time can go into a thoughtful and illuminating biography. Lightning Press will make sure the printing of your final draft reflects all that hard work and attention that has gone into your biographical project.

Lightning Press has a wide range of paper stock and bindery available to give your biographical work a professional and sophisticated appearance. Hardcover or soft cover designs are available and our print-on-demand services are designed to fit every budget.

Business books


The world of business is always looking for ways to keep ahead of information. Year after year, it’s important to keep track of changes in finances, holdings, clients and growth opportunities. Lightning Press has worked with big and small businesses across the U.S.A., serving their printing needs and keeping them one step ahead of the challenges they face.

Lightning Press has printed and bound:

Annual Reports
Inventory Schedules
Product Catalogues
Price Lists
Product Reports
Marketing Strategies and Plans

And Many More Business Publications
If your business information needs professional printing and binding, Lightning Press is the right choice for the job.

Career books


Changes to our lifestyles and in innovative technologies have created a wealth of career paths and opportunities for everyone with a keen interest, willingness to learn, and a determined spirit.

Books on careers help people navigate the complex world of work. Have you invested the special care and study needed in finding the right job for the right person? Your career book could just be the thing someone is looking for right now!

The right career can change a person’s life. Career books help people to recognize their own personality types, psychological traits, work habits, and personal motivations. With these power tools, a person can take the wheel and get the most out of the trip down their chosen career path.

The team at Lightning Press is dedicated to the work of printing your next book. We have chosen a career path right for us, and that means giving you the best customer service we can. We will match and surpass your expectations in printing your career book. Contact us today to print your book.

Children’s books


A book that captures the imagination of a child can become a well-kept heirloom and a treasured memory. Self-published children’s books can carry an even more significant and personal meaning. Have you written a children’s book and want to share it with the future generations of the world?

Lightning Press has printed children’s books with soft covers and hard covers. The popular “landscape” layout for children’s books creates a more panoramic space for illustrations while making it easier for little hands to turn the pages.

For longer children’s books, Lightning Press will find the right options for you – paper type, page size and binding that all match your budget. We can even do short runs and on-demand printing, with minimum orders of twenty-five copies, so that you have just the number of books you need.

Your illustrations and files will be given the utmost care. You can send them to us through our website. And we won’t print until you are completely satisfied with your proof.

We hope we can be a part in bringing your children’s book from your imagination into the heart of a child.

Coffee-Table books


Coffee table books combine imagery, ideas and inspiration. A good coffee table book can create the most imaginative of conversations and enliven any sitting room with surprise and entertainment.

Instead of allowing the eye to view a whole image in one glance, coffee table books tend to have large printed photos or pictures. The eye has a chance to roam around an image and discover more subtle aspects and insights.

The printing of large format and hard cover coffee table books needs special attention and experience. Our dedicated team at Lightning Press has printed coffee table books for self-publishers and corporate publishing firms.

Due to the visual nature of coffee table books, we take the utmost care with the color and layout in the initial proofing stages. We won’t go ahead with a project until every page of your proof has your approval.

We can customize an estimate for you that will match your needs for coffee table book printing. Contact us today and we’ll get down to work for you!

Computer books


The innovative world of computers can change faster than the weather. In order to get the most out of the newest software or the newest device, people still rely on quality, authoritative guides and manuals. Those computer books, guides and manuals are still printed on accessible, dependable paper.


Because everyone can use a printed book.

Books are still one of the simplest and most trusted ways to transmit information. And when it’s time to update the information, printing a second edition is even easier than the first.

Lightning Press has a number of options perfectly suited to computer book printing. For example, we can print one-color, two-color or full-color diagrams and charts in a range of easy-to-use layouts. We can also print computer books to custom-sizes, which means the manuals and guides will fit into product packages and product display installations.

Books may very well be the best thing to happen to computers! And Lightning Press is the best thing for your computer book printing needs!

Consumer Education books


What’s the secret to finding good deals when shopping? Get educated!

So much information is available now on products, businesses, and services. But who do you trust? How do you stay ahead? How can you make sure you’re buying the best?

Consumer Education books can empower regular people. Producers and sellers can’t take educated consumers for granted. Instead, they are forced to pay attention to the needs and desires of their customers.

What tricks, tips, or advice do you have that would help educate consumers? Your consumer education book could help people navigate the stormy seas of shopping and sail into the sweet life!

Lightning Press is a full service book printer. Once a proof for your book is ready and meets your approval, we can print your book in a matter of days. We’ll work tirelessly on printing your consumer education book to make sure you are satisfied.

Try our no-obligation estimating form on our website, or talk to one of our team by phone, 973-890-4422.

We look forward to serving you!



A cookbook is a fun and exciting way to share people’s love of food. With Lightning Press’s digital print technology, cookbooks can be printed in full color, with tantalizing images of attractive appetizers, mouth-watering meals, and delicious desserts.

What wonderful tastes do you have to share?

Traditional Home-spun Recipes

Exotic and International Cuisine

Vegetarian Choices

Seasonal Favorites

Health-Conscious Selections

Special custom layouts can be printed with all of your preferences, or you can choose from a variety of standard book sizes and templates.

To get started, Lightning Press will give you a free estimate on your cookbook. From your kitchen to our printing services to your readers’ tables, let’s make something everyone will share!

Directory books


From phone numbers to business listings to employee registers, directories from Lightning Press make important information easy to access and affordable to print.

Lightning Press has printed directories for:

Church Groups and Service Clubs

Chambers of Commerce

Trade Conferences

Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations

Sports Associations

And Many, Many More

In order to get the printed directory you want, Lightning Press works closely with your organization through the whole process. We have directory templates for use, or you can create a custom layout to suit your needs. We’ll even go through every piece of information with you to make sure the proof meets your group’s expectations.

Free estimates are available for directory book printing. We would be honored to work with you and your organization.

Educational books


Lightning Press knows that education books need durability in order to stand up to the tests of students, teachers and even the occasional hungry dog! For many educational environments, Lightning Press has printed resources like exercise books, teacher daily planners and student diaries.

Wire-binding and saddle stitched binding make the printing of personal education resources affordable. We have also printed hard and soft cover textbooks for all kinds of school programs.

To fit your needs and your budget for education books, Lightning Press gives you options such as thickness of paper, two-color to full-color diagram printing, and font size. Your students will be inspired to learn more and more. But just as important, you will be able to use the education books and textbooks year after year.

Education is one of the best possible investments a person can make, and education books should be too. Explore the services and resources Lightning Press has available and be sure to receive a free quote for printing your education book.

English/Spanish books


Lightning Press es la impresora para ti Español / Inglés libro!

Nothing connects people like the power to communicate! Breaking through the language barrier can turn a stressful moment with strangers into a cherished memory with just-made friends.

More than ever before, translation books are in demand. If you have mastered the art of languages and want to help make a bridge between people with words, Lightning Press can print your book on languages.

We have printed English/Spanish Books for use in schools, at home, on vacation, and for research. We also have the fonts and technology to print in other languages too!

Contact us today, or try our no-obligation estimating form.

Environmental books


Photosynthesis is the primary economy of the world.
~ Jeremy Rifkin

The environment is at the forefront of many public discussions today in politics, economics, and science. There is much we still don’t know, but it is important to share the information available to us right now.

The EPA has reported more than 80% of electronic devices are not recycled. Electronic media uses energy every time a device is turned on.

With a printed book, the energy used to make it is spent only once. Once a book is in a reader’s hands, the information is readily accessible without having to push another button.

Lightning Press has blended modern digital technology with traditional forms of book printing in order to find a low-footprint method of producing printed books.

If you have a book on the environment and would like to share your insights with the world, give Lightning Press a call at 973-890-4422. We’d be happy to give you a no-obligation quote. Or, you can also fill out our estimation form on our website.

If we can find an understanding of the environment, and find a way forward that is sustainable, we’ll be able to enjoy not only the first economy, but every economy that follows it!

Fiction books


Fiction-writing can be a complicated process. Not only do you need the commitment to write your book but you need to get it published. Many fiction writers struggle with the rejection of big publishing houses who can be impersonal and aloof.

A simple solution is to use Self-publishing avoids the dejection of an impersonal rejection letter and allows you to show off the dedication to your craft. Nothing shows your dedication to the craft and to your work like a beautiful, professionally published book through Our quality printing standards ensure your work will stand the test of time.

With printing and binding options, you can focus your energy on producing and promoting your work. is a book printer that understands the amount of work that goes into fiction writing. We are committed to partnering with you, in order to make your final product match your creative efforts and satisfy your vision.

Finance books


Lightning Press has printed everything from financial reports for businesses, textbooks on finance, to financial reference books for record keeping. If you have a book on finance to print, we can create a book to your precise specifications. We can handle short runs of as low as twenty-five copies, as well as longer runs in the thousands. Money books, economics books, business books, investing books, banking books…Lightning Press has but printed all of those.

To find out what it would take to print your finance book, try our no-obligation estimating form, or give us a call. We can work with you through all the printing options available, and print your book in just a matter of days!

Contact us today with your ideas and questions. We’re ready to work for you!

Gardening books


Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. ~ Luther Burbank

It is only natural to want to share the captivating colors and sweet smells of a garden.

Lightning Press knows the rewards that can come from getting our hands dirty with creative work. The only difference is we plant words in rows instead of plants!

Our experience with printing books can help you share your knowledge and love of gardening. We will print your book on gardening exactly the way you would like it.

If you have full-color photos or illustrations for your gardening book, we will make sure the colors are perfect. If you have step-by-step instructions on the care of delicate plants, we will make sure they are clear and easy to read with the font and text size of your choice.

Who knows, but someone might even sit in one of your gardens and read your book! What could be better for a person’s soul than that?

Health Care books


Do you have a health secret you would like to share with the world? Would you like to inspire people to make a change in their lives? Lightning Press would like to help.

The amount of knowledge available in health care has grown tremendously over the years. Health Care books have become national bestsellers, tapping into the demand for better eating alternatives and more complete lifestyles.

Your health care book will have the professional and vibrant appearance that comes standard from our digital printing service. Text and diagrams can be printed in one-color, two-color or even full-color, depending on your desires. Hard cover or soft cover editions are available to give your health care book an extra edge.

If you have written a health care book that will change lives, educate people, and help them take care of their bodies, we’re ready to print it for you.

Historical books


History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.
~ Maya Angelou

The lessons of history hold incredible treasures. There are priceless answers to today’s problems and to tomorrow’s challenges.

Have you combed through the depths of history to find those lessons? Have you gained something from the hardships and struggles experienced by people of the past? Do you have a book to add to the chapters of human history?

Lightning Press prints historical books for publishing houses, self-publishers, and community groups. Soft cover paperback or hard cover binding can be customized to your specifications. Historical illustrations, prints or images can be printed in black ink or full-color. High page counts are no obstacle for us either – we have printed books with over a thousand pages.

Try our free estimating calculator for your historical book, or call and speak to one of our team today.

History may have the force to cause great change and struggle, but Lightning Press will make it as painless as possible to print your historical book.

Historical Fiction books


The more we learn about the world’s history, the more it teases our imagination.

What would have happened if…?
What if they had known about…?
Would things be different if they only had…?

Historical fiction books, sometimes called ‘fictional history books’, allow us to peek inside the worlds of the past. We can experience something of what it would have been like to live in those times, or to work within the limitations of the day.

At Lightning Press, we like to think the historical books we print are like windows into those places of the past. If you have a work of historical fiction and would like to share it with the world, we have the print technology for you.

When you call us, we assign one of our team to you throughout the whole printing process. It’s our way of adding a personal touch to the printing process.

To get started, fill out our online, no-obligation estimating form for an idea on what it would take to print your historical fiction book. Or, give us a call and talk to one of our team.

We would be honoured to share your view and imagination with the world by printing your historical fiction book!

History books


The drama, intrigue, details and consequences of history combine to make exciting and captivating books. History books, in the form of text books or stories, help us better understand the people of the past and the foundations of the present. has worked closely with historians, authors and historical groups in the printing of history books.

Whether your project is something about local history, regional history or world history, can print and bind your book to your specifications. High page counts are no obstacle. We have printed history books with over a thousand pages, complete with maps, photos and specialized text formats.

Keeping history and heritage alive and well is important to us at By printing history books, we can help make sure that your history and heritage can be handed down from one generation to the next.

How-To books


Everyone has benefitted from the growth in Do-It-Yourself culture. People love getting advice from an expert. What better way to share your expertise on something than to write a how-to book and inspire people to take on projects of their own?

How-to books have become in-depth and valuable resources for things people need help with every day.

Home Maintenance and Improvement
Computer Repair
Vehicle Repair
Learning to Play a Musical Instrument
Training Pets
Art and Design
Cooking and Baking
Sports and Physical Training

If you can name it, there is likely a how-to book on it out there that has changed someone’s life.

Lightning Press has printed how-to books on a wide range of subjects. We can even do short or long runs of books, so that you can match the number of books printed to the size of your market.

Contact us today and we’ll discuss your needs and your options for how-to book printing.

Humor books


Many of our customers have said how good we are to work with. They don’t say much about if we’re good to look at.

Seriously, we like to think our reputation comes from our ability to have fun at work and our passion for getting things right.

Humor can be a pretty serious business, but there is certainly room for some fun. Printing humor books works the same way.

The Lightning Press team is professional enough to know when to lighten up and when to get down to work. We’re dedicated to satisfying our clients’ book printing needs. This means taking our work seriously but not always taking ourselves so seriously.

A sense of humor can be the greatest gift to share with others. We hope we can help you share your sense of humor by printing your book. Get a free estimate today!

Inspirational books


The future belongs to those of us still willing to get our hands dirty!

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. What’s important is the feeling it creates in you, the compulsion to fulfill a vision for a better life, a better world, or just a better day.

Lightning Press has put together an inspirational team of professionals dedicated to printing quality books. We can print your book and help you get people motivated to change their lives.

Our website’s no-obligation estimating form takes you through each printing option available. If there is anything missing, just write us a note or give us a call at 973-890-4422. Our team has earned a reputation for listening to clients.

After all, you are our business, and our source of inspiration!

We’re ready to help out with your inspirational book, and put the future back in the hands of those you wish to inspire.

Legal/Law books


At his best, man is the noblest of all animals;
separated from law and justice he is the worst.
~ Aristotle

Law and justice frame the very foundation of today’s society. A quality legal book can be an indispensable resource of wisdom for those seeking to understand the intent of our system of law.

Lightning Press is renowned for its precision and attention to detail in printing quality legal books. Law books, legal perspectives, case histories and formal documents need the professional experience and trust that comes from being in the print services business for over forty-seven years.

Lightning Press has proudly helped writers and law-firms in the noble pursuit of practicing law with a wide range of printed materials. For a no-obligation quote on printing your legal book, select your options in our estimating form.

Lifestyle books


How can I find the time to eat what’s good for me?
What habits can I pick up that will make me a better person?
How do I get more out of life while working less?
How can I change my thinking and be happier in life?
Where do I find a career that makes me wake up each morning excited to go to work?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these kinds of questions, you’re not alone. If you’ve found some unique, practical answers that will help people, then you might have a lifestyle book to print and share with the world!

New discoveries in nutrition and psychology have opened up a world of possibilities for books about lifestyle. But just as important, old traditions can be treasured and preserved in a book before disappearing in time.

Lightning Press can print your lifestyle book to your specifications, in hard cover or soft cover formats. We can even do long or or short runs of books to suit your needs as you grow your audience.

If you can get people back on the path of great living with your lifestyle book, Lightning Press wants to help. Contact us today for a free quote on printing your lifestyle book.

Medical books


Lightning Press understands the precision and clarity needed in printing medical books. We have provided printing services for the American medical establishment since 1975. Our goals have always been:

Maintain the highest standards possible for the printing industry.
Maintain the professional reputation of our clients.

Printed books on medical instruction, medical statistical information, and medical procedures require the care and attention expected of the medical community. Lecturers, doctors and students sharing informed discussions on the issues of health and medicine have trusted Lightning Press for medical textbooks, medical manuals and medical journals.

Free estimates are available, based on specific printing needs. Quantity needed, number of pages, kind of paper, type of bindery and other options all go into making the most accurate estimate possible. We are very proud of our estimating record and our reputation for professional printing services.

We look forward to working with you and serving your medical book printing needs.

Memoir books


There is no other gift quite like the reflections and stories of a remarkable life. A book of memoirs becomes more than just words on paper. It becomes a cherished timepiece and a treasured keepsake. A book of memoirs can tie the invaluable lessons learned from the past to whatever challenges the future may bring.

Lightning Press understands the personal and sensitive nature of memoir books. With our binding options for large page counts, hard covers or soft covers, you’ll find the right fit to preserve your reflections.

We can print your memoir in standard book sizes, or make a custom-size book just for you. And with our on-demand printing services, you can print as many as you need without having to worry about warehousing.

If you are ready to print your book of memoirs, contact Lightning Press today. We’d be honored to help share your story and print your book.

Men’s Issues books


What is the measure of a man?

Is it found in the comfort and convenience he enjoys?
Is it found in the challenges he takes up, or the controversy he makes?
Is it found in what he does when given power?
Or is it found in how he treats someone who can do him no good?

Men are as diverse as the roles they have been given.

If you are ready to print a book on men’s issues and share your thoughts on what makes the measure of a man, Lightning Press will get to work for you right away with a free estimate and a list of printing options to choose from.

Lightning Press has worked closely with authors that have used fiction and non-fiction to express their views on men’s issues. From hard and soft cover books to magazine publications to convention papers, we have printed works on men’s issues in a wide range of formats.

Contact us today and we will give you a free quote for printing your book on men’s issues.

Metaphysical books


At some point in almost everyone’s life, there is a desire to understand the fundamental nature of existence and the world. This desire can bring meaning into people’s lives.

Metaphysical books usually examine two questions:

What is there?
What is its nature?

Curiosity in metaphysics can lead to all kinds of research and study in:

Religion and Spirituality
Science and the Supernatural
New Age Contemplation and Ancient Philosophy

Lightning Press may not have all the answers to the questions of metaphysics, but we do have everything you need to print a book on metaphysics.

Images and diagrams printed in one-color, two-color or full-color add to the overall impression of a book. As well, Lightning Press can bind your book in perfect soft cover or durable hard cover, with standard or custom page sizes.

When it comes to printing books, you’ll find these two questions do have easy answers:

What is there? – Lightning Press
And what is its nature? – quality printing you can rely on.

Military books


Adapt to the situation.
Overcome the competition.

The military has always been at the forefront of innovation. It has always pushed how we work with technology and information.

Military books illuminate important changes in weaponry, communications, transportation, and strategy. Military books cover historical events, vehicle specifications, equipment features, or biographical accounts.

Lightning Press has the latest print technology to give your military book a clear, professional and competitive edge. We make short runs of as few as twenty-five prints for those looking to control limited storage space, or longer runs of over a thousand copies for larger book campaigns.

A single decision at the right time and place can determine the outcome of events and the consequences that follow.

Lightning Press is the right decision for your book on the military. Give our online estimating form a try, and see how quickly and efficiently Lightning Press can print your military book.

Multicultural books


The world really has become a global village! People from all corners of the world now come together as neighbors. Lasting and meaningful friendships have grown from meeting others while enjoying vacation getaways, studying new languages, or visiting the many corners of the world!

Teachers see new opportunities for learning experiences when multicultural students fill their classrooms. Educators, parents and students are searching for quality multicultural books. Introducing a child to new cultures is literally opening up worlds of possibility and discovery.

Multicultural books come in fiction or non-fiction, and are written for children, adolescents and adults. They often have vibrant, colorful photos or images in order to express the rich heritage found in the world’s cultures.

If you have something to add to the world of multicultural books, contact Lightning Press today. We can print your soft cover or hard cover book to your standards at a price you can afford. As well, our on-demand printing service means you control the number of copies without having to worry about storage.

Call us today about your multicultural book, and let’s open up worlds of discovery for your readers!

Music books


Music may have changed a lot over the years, but people’s love of music certainly hasn’t changed. The right song at the right time can capture your heart and bring special meaning to those important moments in your life.

Lightning Press has been proud to print books on music for performing artists, dedicated fans and music industry companies.

Are you passionate about music? Do you have a collection of songs you want to share? Do you have something to say about:

Movie Soundtrack Masters
Classic Composers
DJs and Hip-Hop Artists
Folk Music
Ethnic Music
Musical Theory
How to Play an Instrument
How to Make Instruments
Song Sheet Collections
…or other musically related writing?

We have the digital print technology, the print options and the choice of bindery to fit any music book budget. Try our online estimating form for a free quote. You’ll be so happy with the benefits of Lightning Press…you just might want to sing!

Nature books


“The earth has music for those who listen.” 
~ George Santayana

A book on nature and the natural world can inspire wonder in people of all ages. New secrets about the variety and complexity of nature are revealed every day. What better way to share your love of nature than printing a book with Lightning Press?

Photos, diagrams, charts, and illustrations can be printed in black and white or in full color. Our digital printing technology gives us the option to print in “landscape” format, making pages that are wider than they are tall. This can be useful for more panoramic images and nature scenes.

Lightning Press cares about nature too. We are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. Print actually helps to grow more trees! Recycling programs and energy costs have made print one of the best publishing choices still today.

Fill out our online estimating form and receive a free quote for printing your book on nature. Your book could encourage a whole new generation to listen to the music found in nature!

Non-Fiction books


Sometimes it is important to share what we know. Do you have a particular expertise? A particular skill? Knowledge that few others have? If you could share your know-how with the rest of the world what would you write about?

Many people have written a book about their knowledge but don’t know where to go from there. At we know how to take you from the book you have on your desktop to a book you can have in your hands.

Non-Fiction books are an expanding part of the self-publishing catalogue. Instead of a giant publisher deciding if your book is ‘good enough’ can publish your book and you can show off your skills.

Novel books


Our commitment to professional printing standards and on-demand printing services are a perfect combination for novel writers and publishers.

Soft cover novels with perfect binding are available in traditional sizes or custom layouts. Hard cover options add strength and longevity to novels, adding value while staying within most printing budgets. Lightning Press even has the print technology to bind books from just a few pages to over one thousand pages in length.

The amount of personal time and care that goes into writing and publishing a novel deserves the highest quality print and binding options. Lightning Press has earned the trust of novelists and publishers since 1975. Get a free estimate today and we’ll do what it takes to earn the opportunity to work with you.

Parenting books


Whose idea was it to make parenting so hard? How do kids come up with such difficult questions to answer? And how can kids get themselves into so many crazy situations?

When it comes to parenting, some things are universal, but children can always find a way to surprise you.

Because of today’s topsy-turvy world, parents are faced with challenges our grandparents never even dreamed about.

How much time should I let my teenager play video games?
Can I discipline my children without grounding them?
Why are little boys so different from little girls?
How should I talk to my children about religion?
How should I talk to my children about money?

If you have a book to share on the highs and lows of parenting, contact Lightning Press today. People love the quirky and unexpected stories brought on by raising children. We can print short runs as low as 25 copies, or longer runs depending on how you want to share your book.

Lightning Press has a complete range of services for your parenting book. We want to help share your insights on raising children, and maybe even grow a little on the way.

Performing Arts books



At the heart of every culture, there is a desire to express people’s values through the performing arts. Music, dance, media, and theatre have the power to captivate our imaginations and call us to higher hopes or dreams.

In order to print a book on the performing arts, you need a printer that can create crisp, vibrant images that capture memorable achievements. You also need a printer that is sensitive to the creative process and understands the collaborative process that is a part of the performing arts.

Lightning Press prints full-color, professional-quality images – in beautiful full-color books. We understand how to listen to your needs and bring your ideas together in a printed book on the performing arts.

Whether it’s a textbook for students entering your craft, or a book on important performances, or something to inspire new audiences, Lightning Press can find the right combination of printing solutions to fit your project.

Talk to a representative from Lightning Press today about your performing arts book, and we’ll get started on making your vision a reality!

Philosophy books


Philosophy begins in wonder. ~ Plato

The love of wisdom continues today with more and more people adding their insights to the discourse of philosophy. What insights would you like to share with the world? Do you have a book on philosophy ready for print?

The study of aesthetics, the existence of a higher being, the consequences of knowledge, the puzzle of morality, or the nature of information – these topics all deeply affect how we live our lives. A seemingly simple examination of assumptions, or a logical change of mind, can profoundly impact our day-to-day culture and lifestyle.

Lightning Press has been proud to work closely with American thinkers and philosophers in the printing of textbooks, convention journals, topic collections, new publications, and student theses.

When wonder turns to examination, and examination becomes enlightenment, sharing your insights in a printed book can be one of the most rewarding accomplishments in the philosophical journey.

Contact us at Lightning Press today. We can print your book on philosophy and help you share your love of wonder with the world.

Photography books


The right photography book can create wonder and initiate the most interesting of conversations. But to make sure you leave the right impression, some careful decisions are needed in the printing of photography books. The team at Lightning Press has built a reputation of careful attention to detail and quality service from our work with photography books.

The type of paper you choose can make images soft and drab or glossy and pop. Modern color matching technology and choices in paper stock allows us to make sure digital images keep their color and vibrancy when printed to the right paper choice.

Hard cover and soft cover binding options give you control over every aspect of the project. The impression you want to make will be present on every page of your book.

Lightning Press has made photography books meeting and exceeding the demanding expectations of photographers. We can print large coffee-table sized books. As well, Lightning Press has printed short runs of books with a minimum of twenty-five copies. We will make sure you are satisfied with every page of the final proof and take as much care with your reputation as we do with our own.

Make Lightning Press your book printer of choice for quality photography book printing.

Poetry books


In poetry, every word and every creative element can influence the meaning of the work. It’s important to find the right choice of font, paper, page size and type of cover.

If you are considering printing a book of poetry, be sure to get a free estimate from us. Lightning Press gives you a complete menu of choices. It’s an accurate and transparent way to make sure your poetry book will fit your printing budget while capturing the depths of emotion and thought you want to express.

If your collection of poetry is compiled into a file like a pdf, you can upload it to us through our webpage. We can then put together a digital or printed proof for you. Only when the proof meets your final approval, will we start the printing process. With our on-demand print technology, we can print twenty-five copies of your poetry book for you, or a thousand.

The Lightning Press team at would be delighted to work with you.

Political books


Behind every political book is the desire to cut through the cloudy, murky worlds of elections, economic policies, and government bureaucracies. When a writer successfully exposes the truth of an issue in a political book, that writer’s words can bring about great change in leaders, citizens, and communities.

Lightning Press understands the passion and commitment that can go into writing a political book. We have built long-lasting relationships with political writers and commentators. Our binding options, such as soft or hard cover choices, are designed to meet any printing budget. For the quick deadlines and sudden changes of events in politics, we have on-demand printing services and rush-printing options to fit your needs.

The tides of politics are strong, but a few well-timed words that expose the truth can change the course of public events. A single voice with those right words can make all the difference. Lightning Press will help make sure your voice and your words are heard.

Psychology books


There are approximately two hundred billion neurons in the human brain. Each one is connected to ten thousand of its neighbors and each one can send a signal ten times per second.

When Sigmund Freud asked, “What do women want?” he didn’t realize just how complicated his question would get!

Lightning Press can’t answer Freud’s question, but we can make it easy to print your book on Psychology. Full-color diagrams and images with multi-colored text, or simple black ink are all options with our blend of print technologies.

Psychology textbooks, journals, or collections can be printed in a matter of days. Our on-demand printing services lets you print the number you need. The results are less worry about storage issues and more control over your publication.

Contact Lightning Press today, and let’s get people’s neurons firing over your psychology book!

Real Estate books


Real Estate! There’s only so much of it, and they ain’t making any more!

Real estate, land development and land ownership have fuelled the ambitions of many successful people. If you have learned a thing or two about real estate and want to share what you know, how about printing a book with Lightning Press?

We have printed trade books, buying guides, and reference manuals on real estate. We printed real estate books for realtors, property investors, and families that are looking to buy a home.

Lightning Press offers short run services, if you need as few as 25 copies of your real estate book. We can also handle longer runs in the thousands. Your book will be professionally bound to your specifications, with perfect paperback binding, hard cover printing, or your choice of specialty wire binding.

They might not be making any more land, but there’s still a chance to make a new real estate book! Contact Lightning Press today!

Recovery books


After a physical injury or medical setback, the road to recovery can be intimidating. Do you have a practical, sensitive and effective method of inspiring someone through rehabilitation? Do you have an unstoppable physiotherapy program that gets people moving again?

A book based on your well-thought out approach could make a difference for people. Your knowledge and know-how could change lives. It just might give someone that chance at being hopeful and productive once more.

Lightning Press wants to help, and can offer the best blend of traditional and digital printing technology. Hard or soft cover, full-color or simple black text, we have the expertise to print your book and deliver that hope to someone on the road to recovery.

Call Lightning Press today, or use our free estimating form, to learn more about printing your recovery book.

Recreation books


Community Events
Backyard Pastimes
Family Games Nights

Your recreation time is limited only by your interests and your imagination!

Lightning Press can print your recreation book with vivid, full-color images and diagrams. We will even print your book on recreation to the custom size of your choice.

Do you have inserts, or special additions to go along with your book? We can include an envelope pocket for instructional CDs or DVDs. Record-keeping forms or even player cards can be printed with perforated edges to making it easier to take out of your recreation book.

Lightning Press wants to help you have fun with your favourite hobbies and pastimes. If you have a recreation book ready to print, we’d like to be a part of your team.

Contact us today, or try our free estimating calculator!

Reference books


What is a reference book? A reference book is used by people to look up information. Reference books need to be strong and clear. Almanacs, dictionaries, atlases and encyclopaedias are examples of reference books that people use every day because they contain a great deal of information in one place. recognizes that reference books can be very specialized–containing information about only one important and specific subject. is able to produce reference books in both hard and soft cover as well as working with short run’s. We are affordable and professional.

As a reference book printer we can provide you answers on the correct paper, size and layout. Our customer service is there to make sure that you get the reference book that you want.

Regional books


Local History
Municipal Geography
Community Directories
Regional Industries
Homegrown Culture

People take a different kind of interest in stories about their own stomping grounds. If you have written a book with local color and regional flare, Lightning Press has the printing options for you.

Our on-demand and short run printing services are a perfect fit with regional books. Large or small, print the number you need and only when you need them. We can put together a no-obligation quote for printing your regional book that takes every detail into account.

We’re here to serve you and print your books for seasonal events, local interests and matters close to home. You can take pride in your community by sharing a regional book printed with Lightning Press.

Religious books


Sacred books have a place of special care and respect. Thoughtful prose and religious guidance have been sources of comfort and inspiration for many people. Whether your book is meant for everyone, or just a chosen few, has the modern innovations to help you share your life-changing words of spiritual wisdom. has printed religious books for churches, bible groups, schools of academic study, and for independent writers hoping to contribute to the world’s time-honoured religious traditions. Religious books from can be printed with several important options, such as large print, color-printing, special paper stock and even hard or soft cover binding.

Several other resources are available to you through We can help you spread your word with marketing material and on-demand printing services to match your needs as your audience grows. We have everything you need to make sure your religious message is read by open eyes and heard by attentive ears.

Science books


If you want to change the world today, learn about science.

Scientific discovery and innovation has opened our minds and changed the way we work, think and play.

Lightning Press has benefitted from science by blending traditional and digital printing methods. We can now print a run of books in a matter of days. Short runs of as low as 25 copies can be printed on demand, reducing waste and making storage more manageable. Long runs in the thousands are easy to do as well, because of our expert team of professionals.

We have printed scientific textbooks, science magazines, scientific conference proceedings, and science books for the general public.

Do you have a science book that could change the world for someone? Lightning Press would like to help you print your book.

Try our no-obligation estimating form, or give us a call at 973-890-4422.

Science Fiction books


Science fiction is more than just lasers, robots, aliens, and spaceships. Science fiction suspends our disbelief by showing us what might be possible.

A science fiction book shows us a possible future or an alternate past that is different from today and yesterday in at least one significant way. By looking at the difference, science fiction stirs the imagination and prepares us for the vast unknown of tomorrow.

Even when the future is uncertain, we can be ready for it because of the stories of science fiction helps us to prepare our imagination.

Lightning Press wants to help you prepare for your future by printing your science fiction book. Contact us today and speak to one of our team, or try our no-obligation estimating form.

Let’s look forward, to your future!

Self-Help books


The demand for self-help books has more and doubled over the last forty years, compared to every other type of book. There is so much useful and practical psychological information now available that can change people’s lives. The reading public wants to know how to get more out of life. The potential for authors is staggering, and has helped several writers tap into that self-help book market.

If you have written a book about your creative and inspiring method of getting more out of life, we can print your self-help book. Our on-demand print center can meet your needs as you grow your audience and help improve more and more people’s lives. has several print options to choose from, such as large, easy-to-read print, a choice of several standard book sizes, custom paper stock, and affordable soft cover or hardcover binding. We can even handle the large page counts of the most thorough and inspiring self-help books.

If you’re ready to change the world with your method for better living, is ready to print it for you.

Seniors books


Today’s population is aging, but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down!

For more and more people, retirement is filled with opportunities to pursue personal interests, take up productive hobbies, and travel with the wisdom of worldly experience.

If you have a book dedicated to the lifestyle, interests and new challenges seniors face in the world today, Lightning Press is the printer for you!

Lightning Press has printed books for seniors in soft or hard cover binding. We have printed books with larger text or custom fonts, for easier reading by more mature eyes.

When you work with Lightning Press, you work with real people. A Lightning Press representative will be your point of contact every step of the way.

Call us today, or try our free estimating form. We’ll match your printing needs for your book about seniors so you can share your years of experience.

Sociology books


The study of social problems, and the consequences of our solutions to social problems, makes up the dynamic field of study called sociology.

Sociology textbooks and commercial books pose specific demands on book printing. The statistical data represented in charts, graphs and diagrams need to be accurate and easily understood. This sometimes requires a careful attention to detail and the professional printing of color images.

Lightning Press has the latest digital printing technology to reproduce images and graphics in full color, two-color or one-color, while maintaining the highest clarity possible.

Try our no-obligation estimate form for your book on sociology. We can customize your book to your standards, in soft or hard cover. With our on-demand printing services, you can control when your book is printed and how many copies are printed.

We would be honored to help you in the study and solution of today’s social problems, and print your sociology book.

Software Manuals


Even in this increasingly digital world, nothing can replace a good paper manual. Many software packages and games still come bundled with an easy-to-read, clear and straightforward printed manual.

Software experts have created best-selling how-to guides on almost every popular software application. Hardcopy software manuals are an important part of the printing world. They provide a great opportunity for experts to share professional insights and knowledge on the software tools many people use every day. From accounting software manuals to invoicing software manuals and image management software manuals, can cover your printing needs and give you the best service in the printing industry.

We can help you with the final stages of your software manual. Full-color diagrams and screenshots make software manuals easy to use. Clear and concise steps help readers follow each process and retain their new skills. A logical and thorough index and a well-thought out table of contents can make your software manual the industry standard resource. has experience in printing software manuals and can help you share your expertise on software applications. We also use specialized binding for large-page count manuals, keeping the bound pages intact. No matter how much you want to put into your software manuals, we will keep you covered.

Spiritual books


The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower,
share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another’s,
smile at someone and receive a smile in return,
are to me continual spiritual exercises.
~ Leo Buscaglia

Some of our clients have said to us that printing a book feels like a spiritual journey.

The initial inspiration, the careful planning, the fortitude to carry through, and the anticipation of seeing personal knowledge become another’s – the creative process focuses us around our spiritual centers!

Lightning Press prints spiritual books for self-publishers, church communities, religious conferences, and academic groups. Our experience with printing, guides many writers through the final stages of publication.

The Buddha once said that just as a candle cannot burn without fire, we cannot live without a spiritual life.

If you have the fire to print a book on spirituality, Lightning Press is ready to go on that journey with you. Try our no-obligation estimating form on our website, or talk to one of our representatives at 973-890-4422.

When the book is ready, the printer appears!

Sports books


Are you a member of a community group or league? Did you have a memorable season? Want to keep the season’s memories alive and fresh in a printed Sports Book?

Team Sports Books, Stats Books and Photo Books have grown in popularity with the growth in sports clubs and sports leagues. Lightning Press is excited to offer printing services to groups looking to record all the fun and competition.

Is your child involved in any of these sports?


What better way to immortalize the efforts of your child’s team than a printed sports book, highlighting the victories and emotional events of the sports season?

Lightning Press can even handle short runs of sports books. If you need only 25 copies of your Sports Book for everyone on your team or in your league, Lightning Press can find an affordable, quality print solution that will work for everyone.

Contact us today for a free estimate, or to talk about what we can do for you and the sports star in your life.

Technical books


The incredible wave of innovative digital technology has created high demand for technical book printing.

Technical documentation papers grow in number as new products come to market. Manuals for software, household items and specialized tools make up part of this demand for technical book printing as well.

Lightning Press has printed manuals, journals, data sheets, and technical papers for all kinds of businesses and innovators since 1975. Our range of soft cover, hard cover, and wire bindings give you the ability to print quality technical books, no matter how tight your budget might be or how many books you require.

Choose from single color, two-color or full color printing for diagrams, illustrations and images.

When it comes time to explaining your technical product or application in a printed book, call us and talk to one of our service representatives.

We will be with you through the whole printing process, each step of the way.



When it comes to education, printed textbooks are still the first choice of students and teachers. According to a survey of American college students, three-fourths said they would prefer to read a printed textbook rather than an electronic one if the price wasn’t a factor.

Due to the costs surrounding copyright, security and file compatibility, printed textbooks still come up as competitive, accessible and affordable for publishers and for classrooms. The digital print technology we use at Lightning Press gives you something else, too – the comfort of a guaranteed quality book printed exactly to your specifications.

Color diagrams, hard cover or soft cover, paper type and page size – these options add up to make a textbook part of an exceptional education experience.

If you want to print a textbook that students will actually use and learn from, Lightning Press will be honored to work with you. Receive a free quote to your specifications by using our online estimating form.

Trade Paperbacks


The Paperback has become the benchmark format for the printing of books. can offer you all the benefits of paperback book printing. Smaller sizes, shorter runs and less expensive production. Imagine publishing your own work, and then being able to control the number of printed copies you need with on-demand printing options from

Some people are concerned about how long a paperback might last – The answer is years! Strong paperback covers protect your books while still keeping you on budget. can print paperbacks in unlimited sizes. The standard ‘pulp’ paperback is smaller, while trade paperbacks can be the same size as hardcover books. Paperback books from are sturdy, affordable and with our great customer service people you are sure to get the options you need.

Training Manuals


Want to know how to do it right? Read the manual!

Lightning-Press takes great pride on your success. We will print your important manuals with the understanding that there your knowledge, skill and information is contained in them. Manuals from, means that your readers will be able to clearly see the information your book needs to convey.

But how do you make sure the manual is up for the job? prints training manuals, system manuals, equipment manuals and instruction manuals for organizations across the nation. No matter how complex your manuals might be, we can print them using methods that make them strong to hold, readable and clear. has printed thousand of training manuals to exacting specifications and we are ready to print yours too.

Travel books


The world is an exciting place, offering adventure in every corner! Do you have some intriguing stories of places to visit, vistas to enjoy and people to meet?

Lightning Press has been thrilled to print travel books for some of the most interesting places and events in America and the world.

We have printed:

Travel Guide Books
Tourist Destination Books
Restaurant and Shopping Guides
Travel Journals
Fiction Books Inspired by Travel
Map Books

The world is waiting! Your travel book could be what motivates any number of people to explore the world, and maybe even follow in your footsteps!

For a no-obligation quote, fill out our estimate form with the specifications of your travel book. Lightning Press is ready to print your travel book and begin a whole new set of adventures for your readers!

Women’s Issues books


The roles of women have dramatically changed. More and more stories from around the world are voicing the challenges women face.

To confront these challenges, writers are bringing women’s issues to public consciousness with compassion, care and thoughtful consideration.

Women’s issues books come in all forms of fiction and non-fiction. Lightning Press has worked with authors of children’s books and young adult books that address women’s issues.

Lightning Press has the professional printing services and options to ensure your women’s issues book is received with the respect and reflection it deserves.

Our no-obligation estimate form gives you the power to fulfill your book printing goals while controlling your budget. Or, if you prefer, call us at 973-890-4422 and someone on our team will discuss all your options with you.

Writing / Communications books


Clear communication is essential today. Well-chosen words can make the difference between landing an account or jeopardizing and entire company’s future. The right expression at the right time can win valuable friends and create future opportunities.

When it comes to printing books, Lightning Press has earned a reputation for precision and diligence. We have printed quality paperback guides and hardcover reference manuals for all kinds of writers and students.

For a quote on printing your book, fill out our website’s no-obligation estimating form with the options you think are right for you. If you would prefer to talk to someone on the Lightning Press team, give us a call at 973-890-4422.



Your memories should last a life time. A yearbook printed by is the perfect way to make sure they do. We work with organizations, schools, colleges and universities to make sure that each yearbook and each memory is printed to last

Yearbooks take a tremendous amount of work for you to produce. Writers and photographers work overtime for a full year to make sure that the yearbook is amazing. Unlike many books often yearbook has photographs or images in color. Luckily that is something we have a great deal of experience with. Yearbooks are generally printed with a hardcover binding which will stand the test of time and look impressive on any bookshelf. Another choice is a soft cover yearbook which also offers durability and strength at an affordable price. will talk with you about your needs and make sure that you get the yearbook that you expect. We are with you every step of the way!

Young Adult books


Growing up is so hard to do!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was just an easy-to-follow set of instructions for kids and teenagers? Instead, young adults always seem to find ways of jumping from one drama to the next!

Fortunately for all the young adults out there, you’ve written a book that can entertain them and tell them a little bit about growing up, or help their parents to help them grow!

If you’re ready to publish your book for young adults, then Lightning Press would like to help. We can give you a free estimate that covers all your specifications.

When you’re done, you will have a professionally printed book that can stand on any reader’s shelf. And you might just help that reader get through some of life’s dramas.

Growing up might be hard, and writing a book on growing up can be hard too sometimes. But printing a book doesn’t have to be, especially if you use Lightning Press!